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Gas Boiler Installations ~ Guildford

Guildford Gas Boiler Installation

Other Boiler Services in Guildford:

Gas Boiler Installations

We offer an installation service to replace your old tired boiler with a new efficient economical alternative. Surrey Gas & Services will offer a free initial consultation, anywhere in or around the Guildford area, and we will recommend the best boiler for your property’s needs and your budget.

Combi Boilers
A Combi boiler or combination boiler gets its name from combining heating and hot water. They are very compact which makes them great for smaller properties. They are also very efficient which makes them very popular within the UK. A Combi boiler works by heating water directly fed from the mains cold water supply which eliminates the need for big, bulky tanks.

System Boilers
A system boiler is a heat only boiler. It heats water for your central heating and hot water. This type of boiler requires a hot water storage tank to be able to store your hot water. It doesn’t however need a cold water storage tank making it again ideal for smaller homes.

Conventional Boilers
A conventional boiler is made up of a boiler, hot water storage tank, cold water storage tank and an feed and expansion tank. Conventional boilers are often found in older properties.

Following on from our initial *free consultation we will provide a no obligation quote.

*Free consultation applies to all properties in or around the Guildford area.